Spirituality as the Real Solution to Ecological Crisis

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In her article titled “Spiritual Ecology: The Solution to our climate change,” Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee focuses not on the political and economic factors as the major solutions to the climate change, but lays focus on a rare aspect of religion as the main solution to the problem of climate change that has been a challenge to our society. In essence, Lee tries to convince the reader of the significance of thinking along the spiritual line with regard to resolving the ecological crisis. In his argument, he uses a number of strategies to convince the readers. These strategies include logos, where he uses logic and reason to appeal to the readers; ethos, where he uses his character and reputation to convince the reader of his stance; and finally pathos, where he creates an emotional response by appealing to the emotions of the reader. As such, this analysis will look at how Lee successfully uses these strategies to convince the readers into appreciating why a spiritual perspective is a necessary and significant aspect in resolving the ecological crisis. At the beginning of the article, Lee recognizes that the causes of the crisis of climate change are our industrial cultures which are as a result of the toxins, chemicals and carbon emitted by the industries. However, Lee cannot ignore the fact that this crisis is a consequence of our actions when he says “At the root of our predicament is a deep disregard for both the environment and for the consequences of our actions until it is almost too late,” (2). Here, Lee tries to make the reader understand that the crisis of climate change is in existence because we have disregarded what is important and only takes note of our

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