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Student Name Instructor Course Name Date Outline: Informative Speech on Discrimination Introduction Attention Getter How would you feel if you heard your friend or a relative complain to you about how he or she was discriminated in the school setting because of race, disability, sexual orientation and so forth? Would you empathize with the individual and do something about the act? Or would you ignore and pretend that it is a phase which will pass?Credibility and Thesis Statement Discrimination in the school environment has long since been an issue for most students, especially immigrants. It results in plenty of implications that affect the growth of an individual (Brown 1). Discrimination, if not handled, may affect a child from psychological, academic and social-emotional perspectives. Preview: Discrimination, if not handled, may affect a child from; a. A psychological perspective b. An academic perspective c. A social-emotional perspective Body Discrimination, if not handled, may affect a child from a psychological perspective Any form of harassment including discrimination results in negative feelings in the victims in which they feel oppressed and helpless. An individual may find it difficult adjusting to the school environment when he or she feels unloved and insecure. He or she either withdraws from social life or develops a hatred for others. The withdrawal may cause one to harm oneself or cause harm to others with the view that they are protecting themselves. Studies indicate that students who have encountered discrimination experience depression, low self-esteem and low levels of life satisfaction (Brown 8). Discrimination,

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