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Student’s Name: Instructor: Course: Date: University of Miami Pinning Ceremony Speech Introduction I am honored to take part in welcoming you to this profession. Allow me to start by congratulating each and every one of you for making it to this class. Our duty as physicians entails providing comfort when people are in pain. My journey into medicine began with a strong need to help people in the hospital. I was waiting patiently for my cousin as he made a phone call regarding a patient who was having a seizure. In my mind I wanted to be at the bedside of patients, offering my help where I could. Throughout my life as a physician, I realize that there's a lot to learn in every experience. Like me, you will soon learn the most rewarding experiences and the most demeaning experience in your practice. In my the decades of practicing medicine, I never expect that some of the most rewarding “bedside experiences” would be in remote mountain villages and small cities in Honduras where people have little or no access to even the most basic of medical care. Surely you will learn from people like I learned from Bob that: with every practice, you get better at it as time progresses Never forget that the most important thing in the medical profession is to be kind. At this moment you are on the frontline of your career. You have a lot ahead of you to learn, a number of decisions to make and various paths to take after acquiring relevant skills from University of Miami School of Medicine. As from this moment, keep in mind that you are part of a noble calling which comes with privileges of saving lives. Most of you must be thinking that you will soon begin your

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