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Speech Review Student’s Name Institution Abstract The paper provides a review of Philip Zimbardo’s speech about the Milgram and Prison experiments. It describes the application of Milgram’s experiment in criminal justice/ juvenile justice; in this regard, children are identified as easy subjects to convert from good to bad behavior. Parents and other family individuals are responsible for the children’s behavior as they are their immediate role models. The paper outlines the application of the speech in social systems and human nature; in this regard, the role of culture in influencing criminal behavior is explained, especially if it is conservative. Situations such as torture result in submission to authority such that people agree to engage in evil behavior they do not desire. Correspondingly, people are influenced by the situation they are exposed to behave in a certain way. The paper also contains a conclusion that summarizes the entire paper and identifies the importance of establishing the situation of an evil behavior before drawing conclusions on an individual's behavior. Introduction In 2008, Philip Zimbardo gave a speech that explained the cause of evil and how good people change to negative behavior. He states that there is a thin line between evil and good in the society. The line is permeable or can allow penetration from either side. Zimbardo explains evil as an activity of conduct that affects other people negatively. In the speech, he provides pictures and videos that illustrate the Milgram’s experiment of Obedience. Zimbardo explains that motivation is core in influencing the people’s behavior; in this regard, if an

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