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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Speech on Psychology Hello to you all and Good afternoon. Am glad to educate us a little about a topic that has been of great interest to me since childhood; a topic about the most intricate machine in the world – the mortal brain. The study of the human mind has proven to be a mysterious endeavor over the years; if you looked at it, you would not determine its chronological thought process, but through human behavior, we can study the mental processes in what is called psychology. Probably some of you are worried about certain behaviors by friends, family or people you have interacted with before. You might have heard of weird conditions such as someone thinking they are dead even though they are alive, or others cutting or eating parts of their flesh, while others self-convince themselves that a certain celebrity is madly in love with them even when they are not; all these are examples of psychological conditions that are handled by psychologists and psychiatrists (“12 Quirky Mental Disorders You Haven’t Heard About” n.p.). If you feel deep empathy for such person, and if you want to help, then probably just like me, you should study psychology after High School. Psychology as a subject is not hard if you are interested in it, if you are passionate about it and if you are motivated to study it. Some basic statistics are studied as part of psychology, just like in most other Degree and post High School courses. Biology is also an integral part of studying psychology as an understanding of the working of the human brain is needed. If you don’t feel like doing too much of Science, you don’t need to

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