Soul Theory of Personal Identity

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Soul Theory of Personal Identity Name Institution Soul Theory of Personal Identity The soul is the intangible part of the human beings which consists of thoughts, mind, an individual character, and feelings. It is a common belief that the soul is immortal and lives even after the human body is dead. The belief is greatly professed by religion even though philosophers differ with this notion. Faith and science seem to have an endless argument over the existence of the soul. Gretchen's Argument of "Chocolate analogy" Gretchen posits that if we can open a chocolate box and we see the chocolate, then it is prudent to state that there is chocolate in the chocolate box. Similarly, if we can open up the body and see the soul, then it is conclusive that human soul resides within body. However, since we cannot open the body and reveal the soul, then it does not exist. Gretchen argument posits that it is immaterial to accept the belief that a soul exists within human body yet we cannot open up the body and see the soul (Perry 1978). Gretchen’s idea known as the chocolate analogy is a counterargument to Sam’s principle which suggests that human beings exist as same soul and the same body. The body contains the soul which is intangible. An example of the chocolate box was used to explain that we can only prove the existence of a chocolate within a box if we open the chocolate box and see the chocolate. Argument against soul theory Gretchen posits that soul theory is inadequate to explain personal identity. Weirob argument is that soul is neither intangible and nobody can detect when a “soul” is present or absent. Therefore, Gretchen concludes that unless

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