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Solving Ethical Dilemmas: Part 3: Application and Reflection Student’s Name Institution Abstract Part 1 and 2 of the assignment was keen to look at the ethical perspectives of any organisations. The Davis’ Seven Step is identified as the perfect guide towards solving ethical dilemma issues in a workplace. The case identified was on sexual remarks made by male staffs towards their female colleague. The way of intervention was through talking out with the two individuals who were also my workmates. Their aggressive response led the matter to the human resource where corrections measures (including dismissals) were to follow through. This is, however, not seen as a permanent solution since any other person may engage in conflict issues again. By this, therefore, there is a need of bringing in a permanent code of ethics that would prevent such occurrences. The code is based on the Six Pillars of Character which include trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. The code will revolve around conflict of interests, law abiding, integrity, respect and service delivery. Keywords: Dilemma, ethics, codes, reflection, resolutions, Davis’-Seven-Step-Guide, Character Application and Reflection Introduction The paper is a continuation of the previous papers with the intention of solving an ethical dilemma that was faced in an organisation. Just to recall, upholding of ethical –practices in any organisation is a mandatory requirement as it allows a peaceful and mutual coexistence among the people in the organisation (Levitt et al., 2015). In such a set-up, there are different people with different characters and this indifference

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