Sociology of religion: Popular culture re-enchants religion. Discuss.

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POPULAR CULTURE RE-ENCHANTS RELIGION By: Name Institution Course Tutor Date Popular Culture Re-Enchants Religion Culture and religion, although different in definition and scope, are closely tied. It is hard to talk about culture and fail to mention religion. Culture refers to the system and set of beliefs, practices, ethics, art, and other aspects that constitute a people’s way of life. Religion, on the other hand, is a system of beliefs, rules and practices that people engage in as a way of worshipping a deity. From these definitions, it is evident that religion is an important part of culture. As such, culture and religion influence on another. More specifically, culture, having a larger scope, molds religion. In particular, popular culture, as the name suggests, is the way of life that is acceptable to the majority of the people in society. Popular culture comprises generally accepted ideas, knowledge, practices and beliefs that many of the people in a given location at a given period identify with. Due to its wide acceptance and prevalent practice, popular culture re-enchants religion. The prevailing cultural systems in a society influence the shape that the religion of that society takes. For instance, a change in the popular culture of the people after the Second World War led to the commodification of religion (Carrette and King, 2005, 41). According to Jeremy Carrette and Richard King, after World War II, people became more concerned with affluence, personal freedom, and aspirations (2005, 41). The culture of the people shifted towards consumerism. As popular culture changed, so did religion. In their book, Selling Religion: The Silent Takeover of Religion,

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