Sociology of Aging

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Sociology of Aging Student’s Name Institution Introduction Nowadays, most of the countries around the globe experience rapid changes in the population structure. Mostly it appears in the form of decrease of the youth population and gradual increase of the elderly segment. This phenomenon, commonly referred to as population aging, is majorly caused by the decrease in birth rates, decrease in death rates as well as low migration patterns. To this end, most demographic projections indicate that by the year 2060, the percentage of the population older than 65 will be higher than the share of people under 15 (Uhlenberg, 2015). The pace of population deformations is alarming. Demographers explaining the reasons behind the global demographic changes conclude that social, economic and political environment is shifted by abovementioned deformations. Also, understanding previous population aging trends and socioeconomic patterns of them is vital in forecasting future demographic aging characteristics as well as formulating policies and decision-making concerning the welfare and health of the elderly people. Thus, this discussion tries to highlight the various population changes in aging that occur nowadays. The paper discusses the challenges and the opportunities of the population change in the form of aging and the suggestions on what can be done to maximize the opportunities and minimize challenges of the phenomenon. Demographic Changes in Aging The age distribution and patterns of the population in the most developed countries of the world such as the United States, Japan, and China, have rapidly shifted in terms of average age and percentage of the population 65

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