Social Work and Human Services

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Student’s Name Course Code Lecturer Due Date Social Work and Human Services: Mr. Zamora’s Residency Hearing Mr. Zamora based his application on “humanitarian and compassionate grounds” (Immigration and Refugee Board 7). The Canadian immigration authorities denied the request because of disqualifying aspects in Mr. Zamora’s background. Disqualification of Mr. Zamora is subjective because other than his military experience, there was no evidence of his violation of human rights. The 1992 United Nations Truth Commission found that the Salvadoran army committed crimes against humanity. The crimes were spread out between the Salvadoran military and insurgent forces (Immigration and Refugee Board 9). Primarily, all armed personnel in the country, whether in the military or the insurgency, were responsible for the violations of human rights. Therefore, due to the definition of crimes against humanity and the application of these definitions to restrict immigration into Canada, the immigration authorities had a firm foundation to deny Mr. Zamora his application for permanent residence. On the other hand, Mr. Zamora quit the army and sought refuge outside the country. First, he attempted to move to the United States after serving a compulsory military service (Immigration and Refugee Board 6). After failing, he enlisted in the army and gained two promotions in two years (Immigration and Refugee Board 6). However, he quit his position in the military, citing unwillingness to continue in the army. He subsequently tried to secure citizenship and permanent residence in Canada, marrying a lifelong resident in the process (Immigration and Refugee Board 6). Here,

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