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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Abstract Lobbying and social work have long been applied in the advocating for the rights of the vulnerable people in the society. Lobbying involves the development and implementation of strategies aimed at persuading those in power. Members of the social work movements contribute to the lobbying campaigns which advance the welfare of people and promote justice. Successful lobbyists establish positive relationships with the legislative arm of the government and policymakers. Such people allow the contribution of other people's ideas into the decision-making process. One of the common elements of social work and lobbying is that each of the participants works towards a common. The federal government is the one in charge of lobbying activities in the United States. Social workers, as well as employees, should comply with the set rules and regulations while being active. This study, therefore, will analyze the application of lobbying and advocacy in performing their social work. Keywords: Lobbying, Social Work, Advocacy Social Action, Lobbying, and Advocacy Organizational Advocacy and their Effects on Service Delivery Advocacy refers to acts that influence decisions made by human beings. An advocate is an individual who takes action on behalf of a group or another individual. He or she empowers individuals to attain their goals and objectives especially in resolving warfare. Advocacy can, therefore, be used in describing expressions, movements, and activities which seek to steer outcomes without taking a lot of time. For few non-profit organizations, advocacy is the focus of their work. Companies, on the other

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