Social Change Reflection

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Social Change Reflection Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Social Change Reflection Social change is inevitable in any society. Callahan et al. (2012) note that even the slightest change in the social order has noticeable yet unpredictable consequences. As such, appreciating social change is essential for educationalists. Callahan et al. (2012) provide an expanded definition of social change that incorporates eight unique aspects, categorized into three groups. The discussions on this paper focus on the social change components anticipated on my proposed performance improvement plan (PIP). Briefly, the suggested PIP employs a low-end intervention strategy to achieve progress. Essentially, this approach requires reflection on the teacher’s part to enable them to identify areas of possible improvement, making the tactic highly effective. As such, the proposed PIP is expected to achieve the social change constituent of reflection. Callahan et al. (2012) opine that individuals striving to achieve positive social change can increase their productiveness by contemplating on their experience. According to the authors, reflection can be extrospective that is examining external projects, their outcomes, and implications. On the other hand, introspective reflection focuses on internal analysis to identify what has been learned and personal development. Additionally, there is self and group reflection. An additional social change element anticipated to be attained by the PIP is advocacy. According to the proposed intervention strategy, the teacher reflects on matters that need improvement and subsequently address these issues. As such, advocacy is essential.

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