SMART Goal / Strengths Assignment

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Name Professor’s Name Subject Date SMART Goal Goal: To increase my engagement in sports. Objective: To increase my level of engagement in sports by 50% as compared to my engagement during the last semester. Strategic I will increase my engagement in sports by 50% as last semester I did not get any reward for the extracurricular activities rewards. I will achieve this by reducing the time I spend watching movies and dedicate that time to sports. During the weekend, I will attend half of the sports tournaments that will be held in the school for at least one hour. Measurable Within the first two weeks, I will ensure that I have identified an activity that I will fully get involved. After the identification, I will ensure that I attend at least 50% of the events that are related to the activity I will have chosen. I will also spend 10 minutes in the field engaging in sports during lesson breaks. Attainable I will achieve the goal with the help from my friends. Most of my friends engage in sports, and they will, therefore, increase my motivation. Since I my parents are sports fans, they will help me acquire the kits required in the sporting activity I will choose. My involvement in sports last semester was lower as I had a fractured leg. Since I have recovered from the injury, I will manage to engage frequently in sports and other activities within the school. Relevant According to Bartholomew and Jowers (52), physical activities improve the academic performance of a student by enhancing concentration. Therefore, by increasing my involvement in sports by 50%, I will also manage to improve my academic performance. It will improve my physical health

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