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SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Student’s Name Course Professor’s Name University City (State)Date of Submission Small Business Administration Speech The business objective is to address the market need for service on the newly introduced electric vehicles. Our company has the potential of delivering the service by introducing more charging points across the countries that already use the electric vehicles. Through the sun energy company, we have been able to examine various issues that arose due to the introduction of the electric vehicles. The product is in demand. However, it is challenged by insufficient charging points. Therefore, our company’s service would play a crucial role in serving the world with a competitive service that would serve the clients at an affordable cost. The company’s capital assessment plans to approach an investor through republic equity Crowd funding. The method would be efficient since it is time effective and requires minimal procedures to access the financial support. Based on our report, it is crucial that the service is provided to enhance the progress and development across different countries. As the group plans to get an investor into the business, the primary focus of the company is to ensure that it meets different requirements that the investor would be looking for in investing in our company. Legal, financial and taxation have been put in place to ensure that the regulations required for the operation of the company have been met to attract the interest of the investors. The plan would also involve installing the charging points at the residential areas. Such installation would make easy access for the

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