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skills since the semester began up to now. Initially, I had a lot of problems when it came to writing. I knew how to write, but there were a lot of skills that I was still deficient of. Foremost, I have been able to improve my writing skills by learning some of the basic facts. I have acquired considerable knowledge about writing therefore, understanding the basic principles of writing. I have also made progress in drafting because these days I usually write like it is my errand. I have also improved my writing skills because this day I write keenly and proofread my work to avoid simple mistakes. Moreover, I have learnt how to punctuate indirect speech. I have also developed my writing skills as I...

skills in the field. As already noted, some of the players in a team include defenders, strikers, midfielders, and a goalkeeper. This paper contrasts defenders and strikers, how their roles differ in a football match, as well as the aspects that make the two roles different. The role of a defender is to protect the goalkeeper by preventing the ball from getting close to the goalpost. Essentially, a defender prevents the opposing team from scoring. The defending role demands effort, fitness, and a quick player capable of obstructing the opposing. Conversely, a striker is tasked with scoring goals to ensure that his or her team wins. The role of a striker is limited in terms of responsibilities...

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skills. I grew under an outreach program that shared in this answer to minority groups’ marginalization. The program gave me the powers of education and positive mindset to overcome the Latino stereotypes. Through these powers, I volunteer within the community to raise finances for the outreach program and arrange motivational meetings that aid Latinos to obtain education as well as life skills. At IB world school I undertook a project on the promotion of education within my...