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Organizational Communication Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Communication forms the basis of all operations in an organization. Communication is also a key performance determinant in that effective communication facilitates the efficient flow of operations in and outside the organization. For instance, once workers communicate effectively, they can work as a team thus more productivity. Also, effective communication allows planned and efficient delegation of duties amongst employees. On the other hand, poor communication is a direct cause of low productivity as duties are not efficiently delegated, team members do not operate as expected, and operations in an organization do not flow as should be. It is, therefore, paramount that organizations focus on improving their communication standards to boost their performance as is the goal of any organization or institution in existence. This situational analysis report focuses on analyzing and examining the communication system of a simulated workplace, as well as the various processes the employees engage in while at work. The main aim of the simulated workplace is revolutionizing career and technical education so as to orient students in becoming future productive and work ethics-conscious employees. In this process, my class members and I transformed the classroom to resemble the current business structures, expectations, and processes. After setting the class to emulate a real world workplace, my colleagues and I were to assume various roles whose execution would be based on timely execution and completion of tasks, work ethics and morale and punctuality to work. Additionally, other workplace elements such as

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