Single System Research Design (SSRD) Paper

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A Single System Research Design Paper on the Use of CBT in Reduction of PTSD Symptoms Student’s Name Institution Abstract Mental health issues are often ignored due to embarrassment from most persons experiencing them. As such, individuals who seek professional help have made a bold move and should be appreciated. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one psychological condition affecting millions of Americans and other citizens worldwide. Traumatic memories trigger the onset of PTSD and can arise as a result of witnessing acts of violence, rape, murder, war, and horrific accidents. Soldiers returning from wars have been prone to suffering this condition although some symptoms may take longer to emerge (Rosen et al., 2010). The military is, therefore, the largest unit to dedicate resources for treatment of PTSD due to these high prevalence rates. Among the numerous treatment options, the most common is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Studies show that CBT greatly reduces symptoms of PTSD such as anxiety and although the treatment is mainly carried out for a short time (a couple of weeks) the impact on most patients lives has been proven to be long-term. Keywords: Post-traumatic stress disorder, cognitive behavioral therapy, baseline The Efficacy of CBT Treatment in Reduction of Panic Attacks and Other PTSD Symptoms Introduction The paper is an investigative piece on PTSD among military officers. We will concentrate on Tammy, a Navy reserve military officer who on returning from Afghanistan after serving in a confinement facility for one year has been diagnosed with PTSD. It is imperative that we will define PTSD, its symptoms, and prevalence and thus

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