Similarities between Mongol Empires and the Chinese, Arab and Roman Empires

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One significant similarity between the Mongol Empire, the Chinese Empire, Arab Empire and the Roman Empire was tolerant to religion. The Mongol empire did not discriminate Christians and they were allowed to carry out their operations within the empire as long as they paid taxes to the government. The Mongol empire allowed Muslims to practice their religion as long they did not implement radical Islamic rituals like mass slaughter of human. All the empires allowed the practice of religion as long as worship took place within conventional areas. These common practices included worshipping in registered areas like temples, mosques and so on. The Arab Empire was geographically an inclusion of people practicing Islam. Since most of its population practiced Islam, little is known about any intolerance to other religions but a logical conclusion is that empires were focused on enhancing military and political power, religious tolerance could be allowed as long as they did not threaten the influence of the kingdom. Similarly, the Roman Empire was based on the Roman Catholic Church as its foundation (Strayer and Eric 324). The Mongol Empires and the Chinese, Arab and Roman Empires relied on conquering as a means of expanding their territories. The Mongol empire had to militarily unify all the Mongol ethnic communities with the steer ship of emperor Genghis Khan. The emperor of China got rid of opposition in an attempt to create a monarchy. The Arab empire consolidated power by conquering Iraq, India, North Africa as well as Persia. Roman Empire had a superior military power and utilized its army in conquering neighboring countries as a way of expansion. The main focus of

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