Should the federal minimum wage be increased from the current rate of $7.25 per hour?

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Name Instructor Course Date The Federal Minimum Wage The debate on whether the federal minimum wage should be increased has almost the same number of proposers and the people who oppose. Each group has valid reasons to support its view regarding the issue. The government has maintained the minimum wage at $ 7.25 per hour since 2009 (Desilver Par. 1). Proposers feel that increasing this wage would bring positive impact both at household and national levels while the opposing group, on the other hand, feels that increasing the wage would bring about a negative impact. The government should not increase the minimum wage because such a move would lead to increase in inflation rate, hurt the businesses in the country, and reduce innovation among the citizens. After increasing the minimum wage, the country will have a lot of money in circulation because every worker will have more money to spend. When there is a lot of money in the economy, the prices of basic commodities will go up because people have the money to spend on such commodities. Therefore, the purchasing value of the money will reduce. The inflation that would result from such a move would not only affect the United States, but it would also affect other countries in the world because the US Dollar is the International Standard Currency. To avoid all this, therefore, the government should maintain the current minimum wage. Increasing the federal minimum wage would result in hurting businesses and employers (Doyle Par. 6). The businesses will have to spend a lot of money in paying salaries. Such money would have been put to other use like opening other branches hence growing the businesses. Due to the

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