Should girls under 17 be able to buy the morning after pill over the counter? (agree with topic)

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Alexandra Valencia Mrs. S Gray English 1301 28th November 2016 Morning After Pill Recently, the political class and scientists have been arguing whether a certain class of contraceptives should be purchased by girls under 17 years over the counter. However, what remains clear is that many teenagers are sexually active and at some point, they may need to use contraceptives. What is more, the topic of the use of contraceptives is an emotional matter that also involves parents and may have serious political implications. Even as the debate goes on, I think girls below 17 need to be permitted to purchase the contraceptive without prescription as it will allow teenagers to prevent unwanted pregnancies. A few politicians who are opposed to the argument that girls below 17 be permitted to purchase the contraceptive without prescription say that these girls are still minors to be allowed to do so. They say that these girls risk serious health issues if they do not utilize the drug properly. Others say that allowing them to purchase the contraceptive may send the wrong message to teenagers who will perceive it to be right to engage in sex in their teenage years. According to some, the pill may have some adverse effects on the body of teenagers as they are still growing hence they should be barred from using it (Schulten 1). However, the above claims have been countered by many who believe that girls of any age should access the morning-after pill over the counter. They say that studies by the FDA have shown that the use of the contraceptive was found to be safe for women of all ages. Also, the morning after pill is said to be safer than other contraceptives that are

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