Shotku’s Seventeen Article Constitution

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Shotku's Seventeen Article Constitution, elements of Buddhist, Confucian, or Legalist thinking. The elements reflected include the following, the idea that we should all cease wrath and refrain any form of angry looks. Moreover, we should not be resentful in the event of differing with others. The ministers according to Buddhism should ensure decorous behavior as one of their leading principles Commands should be obeyed especially the Imperial commands. Moreover, harmony in the society is to be valued. We should, therefore, obey our fathers and more so the lords. The spheres of duty should not be confused, and as such every man should have his charge. Wise men are to be entrusted with the office since in this world very few are born with the knowledge and the wisdom we all want. What according to Kitabatake's was distinctive about Japan in comparison to China and India? The country is described as the country with the great eight islands produced by female and male Deity. During the age of the gods the country was referred to us “even –Fruitful land of recovered plains and luxuriant rice fields.” This uniqueness has since been in existence. The Chinese and the Japanese have a similar succession to the throne. However, unlike the Chinese the Japanese succession has never been inviolate. The succession of the Japanese’s has remained the same with no disruption since the beginning unlike other countries like China and India who succession to the throne have over been disrupted over the time. What impression does Shonagon convert about the relationship of men and women at court? In document 8.3, she believed that women relationship with men where they are relegated

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