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Author Tutor Course Date. Responses What is the impact on the helpee of the helper understanding and responding to the helpee’s affective messages? The helper is in a better situation to determine if the other party is being truthful and honest beyond the words they speak. In this way, they can make better judgment and provide a better way forward. If the affective messages state otherwise, then the helper is in a better position to follow up by asking the necessary questions and making the helpee more comfortable. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a vocabulary similar to the helpee? The main advantage is that both parties understand each other, clarity is enhanced, and therefore the therapy session becomes effective. Most often if a similar vocabulary is used the helper tends to ignore some messages which may be vital in finding solutions. The two parties may also divert from the main subject of therapy as a result of being too familiar. Are “why” questions typically helpful or unhelpful? Explain your answer. They are helpful since they help someone to give a reason for doing something. The why questions force someone to step back and think more analytically and hence it more likely to come up with a solution. How can you tell when you are over participating in a session? When most of the time it’s you doing the talking while others are listening, monopolizing the session. And you can’t stop interrupting when the others are given a chance to speak. One may also use distracting behaviors such as raising the hands unnecessarily.How can confrontation be facilitative? A confrontation can be facilitative if it takes place when both

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