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Shopping Survey Name Student Course Date Introduction For a business to be successful, the owner ought to understand the needs, wants and the level of his customer's satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to carry out a survey of the business. Through conducting a survey, a business uncovers answers to certain significant questions. A number of topics are covered through the multi-format questions. To receive the most accurate answers, the questions should be well planned and structured. Fashion Business Survey The fashion business involves the selling of clothes, shoes and other things. The business may specialize in either adult or children attires. A survey is important as it helps to determine fast moving goods and where the business needs some changes. What do you think about the physical appearance of this shop? What changes would you like us to make? How did customer care answer your questions, were you satisfied with the answers? How often do you visit the shop to buy clothes? Which type of clothes do you buy most often from our shop? How fast did the salespeople serve you? How can you rate the general appearance of our employees? Do you have any complaint with our products? Would you recommend other people to visit our shop or buy our products? What is the level of your overall satisfaction with our products, employees and the shop? Motor Vehicle Business Survey This business involves activities such as servicing of vehicles, selling of spare parts and selling motor vehicles. The survey is aimed at meant to understand how the customers perceive the products and services offered. It gives the customers a platform to discuss and air their

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