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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission “She Rose to His Requirement” by Emily Dickinson Dickinson’s three stanza poem delves into the idea of feminism and its tenets. The persona describes her predicament in a world dominated by the male gender. Females, therefore, realize their subordinate and inferior nature in comparison to their male counterparts. The incorporation of diverse literary elements assists Dickson’s audience to carry out an in-depth analysis of her poem, “She Rose to His Requirement”. Imagery is an observable element in Dickinson’s poem. The structure is seen right from the poem’s beginning due to her emphasis on feminine responsibilities. In the first stanza, the poem says, “…Of Woman, and of Wife—” (4), clearly showing the uncountable tasks bestowed upon women. Dickinson utilizes imagery closely with figurative language such as similes. In the third stanza, through the words, “It lay unmentioned—as the Sea” (9), she creates a relationship between the persona’s actions and the sea. The latter, being representative of the former, depicts the existence of unworthiness in society. Individuals do not realize the struggles that women undergo in pleasing their male counterparts. Moreover, the use of a capital “H” in referring to the male pronoun delineates the superior nature of patriarchy in Dickinson’s poem. Pronouns such as “He” and “Himself” are often used to describe God, The Supreme Being. Through Dickinson’s poem, females experience a heightened case of an inferiority complex due to the same. As a matter of fact, the words used in the title also represent the male

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