Shay’s Rebellion

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Name: Instructor: School: Date: Shay’s Rebellion Background In the year 1786 to 1787, there arose an armed uprising in Massachusetts which came to be famously known as shay’s rebellion. This revolution drew its name from the leader who was known as Daniel Shay. Shay was a revolutionary war veteran. He led a group of over four thousand rebels. The rebellion had its basis on the perceived economic and civil rights injustices. Before the uprising, there had existed waves of disillusionment and air of dissatisfaction. These sentiments emanated from the preconceived ideas that the government was not articulating the right elements of ensuring high generation of economic platforms to sustain the needs of the citizens. There were also sentiments that there was much unfairness in the dealings of the government in matters of the small scale holders particularly the farmers. There were senses of failure to achieve equality and sustenance of economic growth, (Howard, 1). The unfairness was in economic and civic administration. It was from those backgrounds that Shay sought to lead the over four thousand citizens, mainly farmers to bring remedy to their problem through rebellion. During the American Revolutionary war, the economy in Massachusetts had got too much down. There were expectations that; with time, there could be heading of the plights of the farmers by the government. However, as time went by; there were all indications that; the suffering would continue for an extended period without the government heading to the plights. There was side igniting of the rebellion by the observation of the leaders in the uprising that the United States government was much

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