Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation An individual’s gender identity or romantic or sexual orientation may not necessarily be their source of distress. However, persons identifying as transgender, lesbian, gay, queer, bisexual, asexual, questioning, or any other form of gender identity or orientation find their status or standing as a major cause of distress. This distress and anxiety particularly occur where the social stigma of being a minority is high. Many debates and controversies have occurred all through the history of psychopathology including its major categorization systems concerning gender identity and sexual orientation. These disagreements are still evident on the current redesigns of gender dysphoria in different data, statistics, and studies which reveal different aggressions gay, lesbians, transgender, and bisexual patients undergo while in mental health care institutions. This work discovers the history and present debates revealing that this profoundly complex sector contributes the focus on the individual-centered experience of psychopathology and manifestation of the very theory of mental sickness. Additionally, this paper shows that this field contributes to the identification of discrimination and stigma as considerable superseding variables. The work argues that the historical perception of gender identity and sexual orientation in the discipline of psychopathology lies between gender variance and gender transgression. Lastly, the paper describes impacts of bias against homosexual persons. Definitions and Theories It is usually imperative for individuals in search for therapy in such problems

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