Sexual Double standard

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date Sexual Double Standard Overview There is an endless idea that the ideal woman should not have sexual partners or have one person, at most, that she will marry, while a real man is one who has many sexual partners, particularly when married. After some time, the conception that a man can be as sexual as he wants while a woman must not, to remain respected, has been promoted. These notions have developed concepts which influence how people better comprehend the society they live in, disregarding who it threatens. One report indicated that “women, I argue from analogy, are degraded by the same propensity to enjoy the present moment; and, at last, despise the freedom which they have not sufficient virtue to struggle to attain” (Wollstonecraft 32). In the same line, terms like slut put into effect sexual double standards since they degrade any female suspected or known to have more than one sexual spouse, while they acclaim a male. These terms have attained a lot of influence in the media and have avoided several individuals from observing the way they undermine a woman’s value. In this light, the media promotes this disrespect to women by propagating words about a woman having insignificant to no worth if she is suspected to have had sexual spouses. As an event of sexual double standards, hooking-up in college campuses is common today and influences the culture and society. Discussion of the Sexual Double Standards A sexual double standard entails the idea that women and men are viewed differently with regards to similar behaviors (Penhollow, Young and Nnaka 93). The concept seems to be prevalent in several

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