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Self-Assessment Review Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Research and self-assessment are significant in enhancing the effectiveness of any particular individuals and leaders as well. Most scholars outline that the most effective personnel strive to understand their behaviors, weaknesses, and strengths (Clifton, Anderson, & Schreiner, 2006). Upon acquiring adequate information, the persons can derive efficient strategies that match the requirements of their career, families and throughout the daily activities in their lives. In order to understand the underlying abilities and natural talents, it is essential to reviews the basic skills and knowledge therein. It helps in identifying the fundamental reasons leading to the performance of the individual. Besides, the resulting performance can either be positive or adverse. In the self-assessment results, the report outlines the top five dominant signature talent themes, in order of rank, based on the responses made in the strength discussion in the Career Centre. The general process measured 34 themes, but the report outlines the top 5 themes as follows; Results in General Positivity I am generous, happy, quick to smile, and always looking on the positive in each situation. Most people envy to be in my position and thus most people like hanging around me. People feel encouraged around me due to my consistent enthusiasm which seems to be contagious strengths (Clifton, Anderson, & Schreiner, 2006). I always find a way to lighten other people being faced with burdens and various pressures. I always celebrate all achievement made and usually try to make everything appear positive, exciting and more

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