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A Tour of Human Brain Name: Date: Institutional Affiliations: The human brain is simply the control center for the human nervous system. We can visualize it as the core processor that receives input from other sensory organs and remits output directives for the control of the organs and muscles. It forms part of the central nervous system with the spinal cord as the complementary that serves as the link between it and the other body parts. As such, the brain is responsible for reconciling the sensory information and synchronizing the functions of various organs (Zamora-López, Zhou, & Kurths, 2011). Some of the common attributes include thinking and control of homeostasis. For the brain to do all these functions, the brain is divided into some parts. On the lower side, there is a link between the spinal cord and the brain called the medulla oblongata or myelencephalon. This regulates the reflex responses responsible for controlling involuntary functions such as heartbeat and breathing. Above the medulla are the cerebellum and pons. The pons is accountable for transferring information to the higher parts of the brain while the cerebellum process information from sensory nerves and facilitate body movements. Above the two is the midbrain that whose primary function is controlling eye movements. The three forms the brain stem. The second major section is the cerebrum. This is the largest part and is responsible for memory, emotional responses, speech, and other senses. It is further divided into lobes which have the temporal, parietal and occipital. The occipital and temporal lobes are located above the cerebellum with the occipital occupying the back side of the

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