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ARCHAEOLOGY RESEARCH JOURNAL J2 a-e Student’s Name Course Title Date J2a: “Jomon Hot Spot: Increasing Sedentism in South-Western Japan in the Incipient Jomon: Archeological sites have remained the most important ways of understanding the way of life of the people who lived long before the history of recorded. One such group is the Jomon people of Japan. Pearson (2006) compiles interesting archeological findings that provide evidence of the Jomon people having been a sedentary community. From the findings of ecologists and archeologists, it appears that the earliest sedentary communities in the country could have lived in Kyushu Island, and could have been the Jomon people. The journal contains a chronology of events that seems to indicate that these people left activities which are far from sedentary in nature, to those which suggested a high level of sedentism. The occupation of Sojiyama dating to about around13,500 BP could have been site that was occupied during winter, while Kakoinohara, during the same time was occupied during summer. Kakuriyama, Kaseda City a site dating about 9800 cal. BP must have had occupation for the whole year. There are other factors that suggest suggests steps towards sedentism, including the evidence of house pits, decorated pottery and other lasting objects (indicative of some rituals) in Uenohara Section 4 (c. 12,800 BP) as well as Uenohara Section 3 (9500 to 8250-7400 BP) village sites. There are also indications from the journal that the people slowly moved away from depending solely on hunting to cultivating crops, which would suggest that they remained at the same place for long periods of time. The evidence is in

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