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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Soup or Salad The past American society, the society of European immigrants, is best described as a melting pot. When the European immigrants entered America, they had to establish an entirely new world from several diverse European cultural origins. This process of forming a new nation by immigrants abandoning their individual European cultural heritage to adopt the American culture was possible since the majority of the people were European and European culture was the dominant culture. However, the present American society is best described as a garden of salad. The enactment of the 1965 Immigration law saw a large entry of Latin-Americans as well as Asian immigrants into the US after the European settlers. These immigrants were incapable of assimilating into the one American culture as the early European settlers. The non-white migrants started to stress on their specific cultural traditions. Further, with the current influx of immigrants from all over the world into the US who are ardent on conserving their cultural customs but participating in the common good of the whole society, the American society is not anymore viewed as a homogeneous composition. The mixture of diverse racial and cultural groups within the contemporary US society represent the “ingredients” that preserve their individual taste and quality although add to the total “salad.” The US should pursue policies of pluralism. Pluralism is where every cultural group has the entitlement to live in its specific conditions/cultures inside the bigger society and maintaining its unique ethnic traditions. The present US society is made up of various

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