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Adolescence Nutrition Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Adolescence Nutrition Question 1 By definition, the subjective symptom is an indication that is obvious to the individual tormented. However, it can't be seen by other people. On the other hand, the objective symptom is an indication joined by signs that have a tendency to affirm the patient's physical dissension and enable the inspecting doctor, nurse, or other healthcare providers to derive the cause of an ailment. Considering the case of Jason, these symptoms are highlighted expressively. The subjective symptom is evident in the feeling of the leg cramps and being a little light headed and also when he sees stars and becomes blacked out as a result of bending down trying to pick a pencil that he had dropped. Tiresome also is an example of the subjective symptom apparent to Jason. The objective symptom is shown when Jason falls, and he is helped by the other classmates to sit down. The revelation of BP 88/50, HR98, R14, and T99.0 are the deduction brought forth by the school nurse and are examples of the objective symptom. The possible cause of these symptoms, for example in the case of the leg cramps, is as a result of an involuntary contraction of the muscles (Miller & Layzer, 2005). It may be because of lack of exercises that rely heavily on the leg muscles such as recreational running, weight training the legs or sporting activities that require a lot of running. The seeing of stars and becoming blacked out is caused by the debris of crystals or ear rocks in one’s ear. Question 2 Regarding the wrestling match to come in the afternoon, Jason should not involve himself in the

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