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SECURITY AND PRIVACY Name Institution Date Question one What are the three major areas in HIPAA Compliance? Administrative For an organization to be said to be compliant with the HIPAA Laws, it must have measures that have been put in place to make sure that only authorized personnel has access to the patients’ data. There also has to be measures set to make sure that the data that is contained in the system about patients is accurate to the latter. The organization should also engage the employees, those that will have access to the private data and those that will not in training program that will bring them in the know about the private policy and how it relates to them and their work. Additionally, the organization must also have a written document containing the privacy procedure to formalize it as well as require foreign members such as contractors requiring access the protected data to sign confidential agreements and meet the standards set by HIPAA for the same. In addition to this, the organization should assess its risks with regards to security and have backup plans to deal with the same. CITATION ins16 l 1033 (insured, 2016)Physical security The HIPAA laws require that an organization have measures put in place to make sure that there are no physical threats to its information. Such threats mainly include theft of the electronic devices by either the employees or outsiders. In making sure that this is taken care of, the organization should protect the computers by limiting the easiness with which they can be disengaged from a workstation and limiting the number of people accessing more secure areas such as the monitor room. The organization should also

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