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Name Professor Title Date As from when I was young, I always wanted to be a medical doctor. Fascination by this practice captured my heart from a tender age. Seeing a society where everyone lived happily without sorrow created in me a hunger to change all that reversed such a state. This drive led me to pore through medical resources at the local library in search of an understanding of my society’s wellbeing. It is this search that transformed my musings about a career in medicine into a solid aspiration. I would wish to major with biology as my career goal is to be a pediatrician. However, being under the care of a single mom, together with my nine-year-old brother, our family finances are not adequate for the achievement of my dream. Volunteer work at my local shelter spurred the intense desire within me on working with little children. Though there is an outside societal glint, there exist deep-rooted concerns on the wellbeing of families. Of more importance was the state of the children, the carriers of our destiny. Most are not able to tend to themselves, especially when they are sick. As a pediatrician, I will dedicate time and energy towards the cause for a better health of our children. However, this calls for medical training. This is a challenging feat seeing my single mom is not in a position to cater for both my tuition and concerns for my brother’s primary education. It is my knowledge that your organization focuses on building individuals whose careers impact the community directly. As such, I wish to play a role in influencing a generation today for a healthier tomorrow. Personally, it is because children deserve the best, even when they

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