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The Beauty of the Super Blue Blood Moon Author’s Name Institution Lecturer Due Date One of the world’s rarest spectacles got witnessed on the 31st January. This dazzling geographical phenomenon is one of its kind and is known as the super blue blood moon. Astronauts, geographers, and scholars got fathomed at the occurrence of such a magnificent creation. Words alone are not enough to explain the appearance of this embodiment that is a result of nature and the creation of God. It contributes to the exact definition of God as all-powerful and beyond human understanding. The bewilderment caused by this once in a lifetime event leads to the writing of this paper. In this write-up details about the beauty of this Super Blue Blood Moon gets discussed. Upon viewing the photos taken of this moon, it is evident that it gets filled with all but beauty. However, questions have gotten raised on what the components of this phenomena are that contributes to the overall splendor appreciated by everyone. Happening to make history and fall in the global record books the name of this moon originates from the meeting up of a supermoon, a blue moon, and a total lunar eclipse. This fact contributes to its name the triple combo since it involves three bodies. In North America like in other places the event took more than one day (Emspak, 2018). For instance, in this location, this celestial event lasted two days from the Tuesday to Wednesday, January 31st when it marked its full meet up and appearance. This occurrence took two days because the eclipse and the moons first happen before they get conjoined in presence. A supermoon takes place when the moons nearest approach to

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