Samsung Electronics Company

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Name Instructor Course Date Competitive Strategies That Make the Samsung Electronics Company the Leading Provider of Information Technology Solutions Samsung Electronics Company was incorporated in 1969 and its first products were black and white television sets. From this humble background in Suwon, South Korea which still happens to be the headquarters of the company despite having opened operations in several foreign capitals. The initial company operated under the Samsung electric Industries but in 1988 it merged with Samsung Semiconductor & Communications to adopt its present name Samsung Electronics. The company slowly diversified into various sectors and was soon producing color tv, audio-visual gadgets, fax machines, cellular and landline phones, computers and their peripherals, and other domestic electronic appliances. They also produce and sell closed circuit circuits, automation products for factories and solar energy systems. To mention but a few. In tandem with the company vision which intends to devote talent and technology to focus on the creation of superior products and services that make a positive contribution to a better society, the company has since the year 2009 been the world’s largest information systems company. Supply Chain Management The operation department at the Samsung Electronics aims to make sure that all their products and services are available at reasonable price to all its consumers. To do this the company liaises with more than two thousand, five hundred distributors around the globe. The products also target all social classes of the society with high-end products to the economic gadgets. The company utilizes the

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