Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Beliefs

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Number: Date: Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Beliefs The constitution stipulates the guidelines governing the rights and the freedoms of individuals. Deciding on the two sides proves a tough task as it compromises the other party’s views. The non-discrimination law comes in place because of choosing the baker’s actions. The baker in my view has infringed on the rights of the gay individuals by demeaning their marriage whereas siding with the Colorado state will be infringing on the baker’s freedoms and rights. Based on the views of the involved parties I choose to align with the baker and his actions. According to the first amendment, the baker has the freedom to exercise his form of religion. The act does not prohibit the baker from exercising his faith in any way. The baker believes that the Christian doctrines are against gay marriage and by baking the cake for the gay couple he will be going against his religion (Corvino and Gallagher 88). His beliefs based on the amendment act should be respected. The constitution protects the baker by giving him freedom of speech. The baker has expressed his views on the marriage that he is not in support of the gay marriage. He terms his cake as a piece of art and not just a cake. The amendment act accords individuals with the protection they seek towards expressing their opinions and sharing their faith and believes (Corvino and Gallagher 2). A compromise is arrived at on the side of the Colorado state. The non-discrimination act plays a role and should be resolved. The constitution provides that in situations where individuals do not agree with same-sex marriage,

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