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Student:Instructor: Course: Date: High-alert medications High-alert medications refer to the category of drugs that have a high risk of causing a substantial patient harm, when they are used wrongly or against prescription. It is worth noting that though the occurrence of mistakes in these medications is rare, the consequences of blunder occurrence are likely to be more distressing to the patients (Belknap, pg. 339). Therefore, it is important for all physicians to analyze different categories of drugs to determine a group of medications that need special safeguarding to decrease the risk of mistakes occurrence. Several strategies in many health sectors have been put into place to reduce the risk of errors when dealing with high- alert medications. These include; increasing access to the relevant information regarding these drugs. This is done through training in seminars and publication of booklets that contain information that gives guidelines on proper use of the respective drugs. Moreover, restricting the unnecessary access strategy is used. This is only possible through safe storage of the drugs. Finally, the use of auxiliary labels helps to reduce chances of using the wrong medications in patient’s treatments. Though several strategies have been devised to reduce errors occurrence when dealing with high-alert medications, the approaches have failed due to the fact that many participants who deal with the medications fail to receive relevant training during the induction period. Moreover, lack of knowledge and education deficiency on the high-alert medications has contributed to the increase in errors occurrences. On the other hand, the implementation of

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