Rokeach Values Survey

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Hierarchy of Values using the Rokeach Value Survey Top Three Values Terminal values Instrumental Values 1 A world at peace Independent 2 Family Security Broad minded 3 Wisdom Logical I consider peace to be essential to every form of development. This is both in the sphere of personal life and public life. Peace in this sense acts as the precursor to any achievement that leaders might aim to accomplish. At the same time, peace is the ultimate goal of everything. Every action must be aimed at achieving inner peace and peace with neighbors. My actions as a leader are therefore most likely determined by their potential to impact positively on the relationships between individuals. It does not matter if financial, and power goals are compromised, as long as peace for every person is achieved, I believe everyone is positively influenced. Peace and family security go hand in hand. It is essential for someone to know those they love are safe to function optimally. Eventually, I believe wisdom in indispensable in enabling individuals to see what is imperative. To sustain peaceful and mutually beneficial coexistence, true wisdom must be cultivated. On the other hand, I value independence. Consider it the primary value to leadership because it means an individual can make decisions without being subdued by the forces around them. In addition to this, independence creates an opportunity for broadmindedness. This is because a person is not constrained by what others will say in making the correct decision. They can, therefore, explore wider dynamics of their and other people’s existence. Finally, logic is critical in leadership. Logical means maintain consistency

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