Robots doing Surgery?

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course DateRobots Doing Surgery Introduction and Description of the Topic The application of robots in surgery is a fresh and thrilling evolving technology that is taking the medical field by storm. So far, however, the efforts to obtain and integrate this technology has mainly been motivated by the market. Additionally, most medical centers aspiring to be recognized for their excellence in slightly invasive surgery have used surgical robots as their entry fee, even though it currently lacks practical applications. Therefore, robots seem to play more marketing function than their actual purpose. Whether or not the tasks of medical robots will become more feasible is yet to be seen (Lanfranco 14). This article aims to develop an objective assessment of this technology and to highlight some of the focuses that are not readily disclosed by robot manufacturers. This writing will explain in details the evolution and development of robotic surgery, the current robot systems, discuss the current roles played by robots in operation, different schools of thoughts on the topic, and eventually the look at the probable future functions of robotic surgery. Even though there are several applications of robots, the medical use remains the best industry that will fully exhaust the innovative designs. Possibilities of the future medical care getting better are entirely dependent on robotic intervention. The success will depend on how useful the robots are in the medicinal field. Also addressed in this article, are the key advantages of robotic surgery such as minimal invasion, precision, and the reduction of the human impact factors during

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