Rita Dove’s: Adolescence II

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Rita Dove's: Adolescence II Rita Dove’s “Adolescence II” is the second part of her three parts poem entitled, “A Colored Woman’s Adolescence.” The three parts poem portrays the different stages of growth and development in the life of the female gender. Rita Dove used his poetry skills to campaign for the rights of women and especially those of color. This is because Dove is a black American and understands the plight of women during the late 20th century. Readers need to understand that Dove is a renown American poet best known for her interest in re-envisioning historical elements in a heart touching manner. This essay explores the approach at which a reader can deploy to read and understand Dove’s poem, “Adolescence II.” The poem is about a girl who is at her puberty stage. Dove uses surreal imagery which may leave readers wondering what is happening in the poem. However, as the poem unfolds, Dove hints that something is not right and therefore gives insight that the girl is being subjected to sexual abuse by three men who she refers to as the “seal men.” The girl seems vulnerable and naïve of the changes going through in her body. Her “baby-breasts” have just started to develop, and she is afraid to the point that she decides to seclude herself (“Dove”). Her fears drive her to seek solace in the bathroom where her molesters always meet. It is regrettable that this incident has been going on for a while and it is also bound to happen again. The aftermath is horrifying and disheartening as the girl seems frightened, emotionally wounded and at a state of unease when she tries

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