Risk planning and Management

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Risk planning and Management Student’s name Institution affiliation   Risk Planning and Management The healthcare records are prone to various risks. They must be protected to ensure that the patient confidentiality is maintained. The outline will discuss the survey and legal requirements, the risk profile and a mitigation plan. Survey, legal and regulatory applicability It’s a legal requirement that the information regards the client be protected by means. Essentially, healthcare organizations globally are required to identify the ePHI created maintained and received by any other organization to ensure that a smooth process of risk management within the health care is maintained. In the United States, for instance, the management and protection of patient records are covered under the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) security regulations” CITATION Kri18 l 1033 (Lee, 2018). Essentially, the act explains that patient records or information produced being saved or transferred in an electronic form must be protected. All the data regarding any particular information must be kept safe. Failure by any organization to protect the patients’ records may attract a penalty as to the regulations of the law. The firm lacks a backup for the data and relies on a single server. There are risks that may cause the company to go contrary to the provisions of the law thus, a risk assessment and a clear plan of neutralizing the risks must be set. Risk profile In determining the risk profile, three methods are used to acquaint oneself with the risks. They include the Top-10 profiling, risk map, and heat map profilingCITATION Sma04 l

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