Risk Analysis (of Washington DC Subway system)

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Washington DC Subway System Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Introduction Risk analysis entails the process of making assessment and definition of the dangers likely to occur to humans, businesses as well as government agencies following the events, which could be natural or human-made. By a process, there is the implication that the analysis is not a one step affair; rather, there are various stages which come and must be in the right alignment so as to have the correct assessment. In this paper, there is a discussion of the risk analysis for the Washington DC subway system. In the debate, there is consideration of the various entities likely to get the effects of the subway system. The conceptual/theoretical analysis goes deep to unearth the various risks as well as hinting into the possible mitigation measure. The Washington DC subway system The Washington DC subway system happens to be one of the fastest modes of transport, in the United States and around the world. In coming up with a carriage system, there is usually consideration of models that are likely to increase the speed of movement. Such concerns emanate from the considerations that; there is always need to have a quick transport; otherwise, it would be futile to seek the transport in most of the incidences. The hailing of the subway may seem to be contrary to the focus of the risk analysis, but that is not true When undertaking a risk analysis, it is acceptable to have a regard to the active matters because; the idea is not to castigate an element and make it appear like it is useless. The focal point is to pinpoint the risks; therefore, noting the positive aspects of the component of risk

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