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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: In the present day, racism has become part of the norm, despite several people and institutions fighting it at all costs. Many people think racism only exists between the whites and blacks, which is not the case. People of other skin types are also subjected to this inhumane activity by people who have been brainwashed to think they are better (Cashman 600). Such attitudes are driven by stereotypes, media, and society including family traditions. Additionally, racism exists in different settings, schools, offices, shops among others. A good example of racism in school to people of color is shown in Tes (1) “Study Reveals Complaints Of Racism In Schools." The purpose of the article is to assert the existence of racism in schools especially among Pasifika and Maori kids in primary schools through complaints that have been placed by over 1700 children. It is used to shed light on the stereotype that is on-going in schools and how it has affected their performance as well as the attitude of their schoolmates towards them. The audience for this article is teachers, children commissioners, government’s development of national education priorities, and the parents/general public. Additionally, the author uses logos technique to present his argument through the use of accurate figures and statistics. An example is when the author says 26% of the respondents liked going to school while 67% thought the school was okay (Tes 1). Some facts that are presented in the article is the stereotype placed on people of color, which is something that been in existence for a long time. Since the focus of the article is racism in

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