RHETORICAL ANALYSIS on the article: RIP, Middle Class: 1946-2013 by Edward McClelland

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Student’s name Instructor’s name English 101 Date Rhetorical Analysis of RIP Middle Class: 1946-2013 Government intervention safeguards the rights of the downtrodden in the society. The workers have been ignored and forgotten in the United States (US) since the deregulation of critical sectors of the economy. Edward McClelland article on the death of the blue collar workers demonstrates the shift in fortunes among workers, while most governments continue to kill their efforts to rise in the abyss of the confusion. The author theorizes that previous successes of the US economy were supported by government intervention, especially before the great depression. The author begins the text with a story of a dropout that got a job and earned more than the teacher. During that period workers easily got manufacturing jobs as the economy expanded. Edward allegorizes the seventies as the decade the blue collar aristocrats flaunted their wealth by purchasing speedboats, hunting rifles, motorcycles and Corvette Spring rays. However, the great depression led to the closure of thousands of manufacturing firms, and millions of residents lost their jobs. The story of Galipeau and Voss demonstrates the change of fortunes for the millions of blue collar workers during the period. Nixon’s import tax and Obama’s health care legislation are the few presidents that have taken into consideration the blue collar workers. Edward concludes that the government chose the wrong group, aristocrats, ignoring the workers that were the engine of the booming US economy. Rhetorical Appeals Authors prefer to use rhetorical appeals to persuade and influence the reader to take a particular

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