Rewards and Performance

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Rewards System Name: Institution: Date: Rewards System An organization’s rewards system is based on awarding workers who excel in various departments over specific periods. It is an essential part of the design of the company CITATION Cum09 l 1033 (Cummings & Worley, 2009). This system is also based on the fact that employees feel more motivated when they know that there is more on offer than just the regular paycheck. Rewards motivate them to go the extra mile, to go over and beyond what they would ordinarily do. Consequently, they become more committed to the organization and even if a better opportunity was to present itself, they would have reason to decline CITATION Che06 l 1033 (Chelladurai, 2006). Any company should strive to ensure that its workforce is happy and content. Rewarding employees is not something that should be seen as cumbersome or as a waste of resources. Instead, it ought to be part of the company’s culture. Employee satisfaction is for the good of the society and how well or poorly they do is also a reflection of the organization. Most rewards are aligned with the company’s goals, mission, and vision. Whenever an employee helps in the achievement of the three, then it follows that he or she should be rewarded. This is because the worker is helping the company move forward. The reward system differs from organization to organization. Some are monetary, whereas others are gift-oriented. Despite the fact that reward systems work as well as they do, improvements could still be made. For instance, the employees themselves could be involved in deciding what rewards they get. They might not be pleased with what is on offer. If the

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