Rewarding and Challenging Aspect of Being a Leader

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Rewarding and Challenging Aspect of Leadership Student name Institution Date   Rewarding and Challenging Aspect of Leadership In life, leadership roles make people be great in society. However, it is also rewarding for one to be a leader. The most aspects which are rewarding to leaders is that it makes them shatter their comfort zone. For instance, one might be speaking in front of a group, but it is not your thing, thus making one to be nervous when making decisions (Moschen, 2015). In this case, they are both aspects of one being a leader. But with practice, leaders learn from their mistakes and become perfect in their leadership roles. Leadership is also rewarding because it makes one learn and respect other people quickly. In life, no one likes a leader who acts more superior to others and is pretentious. Leaders are not supposed to flee their feathers much. People like listening to a leader who relates well to them and listens to them (Moschen, 2015). Thus leadership becomes rewarding because it will make the leaders to learn and respect other people. Also, leadership teaches one to strengthen the faith. In most cases, it is always impossible to be liked by all the people you are leading, it also annoying be discouraged by the people one is leading but with the leadership role, one is encouraged to handle such situations well. The challenging aspects of leadership include having a challenge in handling conflicts. In the workplace, handling the disputes is one of the unsavory task leaders should have. One of the best scenarios is when the employees have a lot of differences in the workplace. Being a leader, it becomes challenging in solving

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