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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman Concert Review The Flying Dutchman is one of the best concerts ever been performed. Consisting of three acts, it has been done in two languages, English and German that are both projected over the stage and featured the Austin Opera Orchestra and the Austin Opera Chorus. The Flying Dutchman is a breathtaking story of sacrifice, interposed with raging monologs, rousing choruses, dizzying duets, and an orchestra that depicts the characters’ thoughts and events in the drama. In the drama, one of the central characters is a Dutchman, on whom a curse has been placed to roam the waters in a ghostly ship for a lifetime. Many view it as a punishment for invoking the Devil when he was in one of his voyages out in the ocean. His redemption lies in the love of a faithful woman. This paper summarizes the main ideas portrayed in the drama, the literary styles used and the role of the orchestra in the success of the drama. The first act of the play begins with a storm, which causes Daland’s ship to seek refuge in a quiet bay. A ghostly stops right besides Daland’s ship. The captain, a Dutchman had defied God by invoking Satan and is cursed to roam the seas forever. Every seven years, the waves cast him ashore to seek his redemption, a faithful wife who will release him from his curse. Once Daland makes the realization that the ship is indeed a phantom, the Dutchman opens up and tells him of all his problems and offers him gold and jewelry in exchange for one night of sleep. He learns of Daland’s daughter (Senta) and asks her to marry him, which Daland agrees to because he sees the Dutchman

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