Review of the Most Beautiful Thing

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Review of the Most Beautiful Thing Author’s Name Institution Lecturer Due Date Directed by Cameron Covell, the short film entitled the Most Beautiful Thing is one of the most inspirational movies ever aired. This film which takes eleven minutes got published on the fifteenth of May the year 2012 and is watched by many fans worldwide. This movie is worth watching because it has a real touch with life hence a great inspiration. Life has a way of happening such that during the lowest moments one meets with the most unexpected experiences. It is while wallowing in the depths of emptiness that a particular spirit of fulfillment overwhelms people by sudden exposure to life occurrences. While watching this short film by Covell, such an intriguing aspect of life get presented. This film serves to show that even during the darkest and most lonely situations there is always hope. The events of this film are a representation of real life happenings. Therefore, it is in this regard that this paper is written to highlight the fact that life has a lot to offer even during the lowest instances (Covell, 2012). Moreover, this movie shows the value of appreciating being the way it is as it outlines an aspect of disability that requires the appreciation for smooth interaction. The movie is scripted and showcased in the best way possible. The musical effects as well as the setting work hand in hand to bring out the emotions of the film vividly. An example is a chair where Brandon continually sits at all alone to study at the beginning. This place is full of quiet and loneliness. The events showing Brandon calling on to an empty house and him walking along the deserted school

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