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Education Topic Review of article What was the purpose of the study? Analyze the revised version of SLEQ Survey to gauge current teacher response. The study results proved that the responses are similar enough to previous studies. This proves the test is reliable because the numbers are close to the previous study. If we take the instrument as a general scale, what were the subscales? The total survey is 21 items, reduced from 56, and separated into five subscales listing as instructional innovation, decision-making, collaboration, student relations, and school resources. Which in turn break down into subsections.How were the subscales and individual indicators constructed and scored? The revised 21-item SLEQ test is separated into five factors centered on a school climate as a central element with factors Instructional Innovation, Collaboration at the top with Decision Making, School Resources, and Student Relations below the center point. This data scoring is on the MAP (Minimum Average Partial) test and Kaiser’s rule. It was the number of the participants that assist in reducing variations on the EFA/CFA models (Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis), respectively. CFA determines if the EFA confirmed by STM (Structural Equation Methods). This proved that the testing models worked across all grade levels (elementary, middle and high Schools) because the numbers were consistent. How was the instrument validated? Using ANOVAs (Analysis of Variance), the internal consistency estimations had strong reliability coefficients in each of the five factors analyzed and measured reasonably close values in the previous studies. The CFA is hierarchical that

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